The Upper Marlboro Martial Arts and Wellness Center opened in 1997 as a Tang Soo Do Jang to train individuals in traditional martial arts and provide exercise for the entire family. UMMAC provides instruction in both Korean and Chinese styles. Classes are available daily. UMMAC enrolls students as young as 5 and encourage seniors as well to come out and train with us. Our hallmark classes include the Tang Soo Do, Hai Dong Gumdo (Korean Sword), Tai Chi and our UMMAC after school program. 

UMMAC strives to unleash each students’ ultimate potential. Our classes help to develop self discipline and mental toughness through exercise and training in the arts. Adults and youth experience increases in confidence, improvements in balance and coordination, as well as increased fitness and weight control. 



John Baylor, Sr  Owner & Master Instructor

Peter Maida, Instructor

Derek Graham, Hai Dong Gumdo Instructor