Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous martial arts experience?

No, none of our classes require you to come with previous experince. We welcome both beginners and experienced students.

How much are lessons?

The cost for lessons is dependent on which program you select (month to month, 3-month and 6-month plans). We discuss these options with you face-to-face so we may thoroughly explain all aspects of our program. Please call us at 301-574-4515 to discuss a lesson plan appropriate for you or your family. 

What should I wear? - Do I need to buy a uniform?

Traditional uniforms required for each art can be purchased at the studio. Beginners are welcomed to participate in comfortable  workout attire during the first class. In addition school logo shirts are available for purchase. 

How long are classes?

Classes are approximately 50  minutes. For private lessons and group seminars class times can be adjusted to suit the needs of our clients.

Do you do birthday parties?  

Yes, we do children's birthday parties. It does not matter whether the birthday child is a student or not.  See more about our parties on the services page or call 301-574-4515 for more information.